Mr. Ken Eulo works miracles and I can 100% back up that statement! I violated my state probation in Seminole County twice. I hired Mr.Eulo the second violation and told him my number one concern is going to jail. He said he would do everything in his power to make sure I didn’t…. and that he did! He bent over backwards, calling the state attorney several times, my probation officer, also had a sit down meeting the three of us at p.o’s office. The 3months of him working on my case he never left me out in the dark. He constantly kept me informed of what’s going on, and always available for me to call, if he wasn’t in the office I could reach him by cell phone. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, This Attorney is undoubtedly AMAZING! 👍

Marcia Thomas

I enjoyed having Ken Eulo as my lawyer. He did a great job to get the best possible option there was when I was facing charges. He is completely genuine and down to earth. He tells you what he thinks is your best option and explains them and does not rush you into making a decision. He also works with you on making your payments. This is someone I would highly recommend to anyone I know who needs a lawyer.

Kevin Wong

I just wanted to share my experience with the smith and Eulo law firm they are phenomenal attorneys I personally dealt with ken Eulo and he was absolutely amazing ,great communication and worked hard and was a available anytime I called .I couldn’t have chose anyone better .He is one of the best experienced attorneys and I was very satisfied with the outcome thank you ken we greatly appreciate you.

Frank Woods

I can say without a doubt that this the firm provided one of – if not the best – legal experiences of my life. I worked specifically with Mr. Eulo and the speed, diligence, and above-and-beyond effort he provided was incredible refreshing and hopeful in comparison to any legal process in my past. His communication along every step was clear and he gladly took additional time (at no cost to me I should state) to explain certain areas or legal jargon that I didn’t quite understand (and I was not clear on a fair number of things). Based on my experience with this team and their staff I can not comprehend some of the lower ratings in this review thread – though I am quite certain it was not on the part of Smith&Eulo. Though I hope all my life’s legal issues are behind me (how nice would that be), should some issue arise it’s good to know exactly where to go to for help. 7 out of 5 stars!!

Wilburn Holifield