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Ken has shown his enthusiasm for criminal law along with the ability to fight for your case. Those qualities have made him one of the most sought-after attorneys in Kissimmee.


Compassionate and professional, Ken understands his clients’ needs and works hard for a successful outcome.  

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Don’t let mistakes ruin your life. Ken is here to assist you through the Florida legal process.

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As one of the hardest working defense attorneys in Kissimmee, Ken has an outstanding reputation in and out of the courtroom. To him, you are not just a case number but a vital member of the community. Ken treats all his clients with dignity as he strives for a positive outcome in each case.
Ken Eulo

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Legal Practice Areas


In some instances, you were charged with a criminal offense but not convicted. If you have faced similar circumstances, you may be able to seal your criminal records.


Alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs can impair a driver's ability on the road and lead to a DUI arrest.

Probation Violation

On probation, you must abide by specific terms and conditions. If you break any of these rules, you might face a probation violation.


If you have been charged with robbery, you are facing some life-altering consequences. A conviction will lead to a loss of your livelihood and freedom.

Child Abuse

Any child abuse accusation can harm your reputation or career. Child abuse is a serious charge that should be handled with professionalism.

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  • Mr. Smith-Johnson is an extremely professional and knowledgeable attorney. I consulted with him about potential options in a legal matter and it was a great experience. He took the time to give me great information and resources. Mr. Smith-Johnson works very hard for his clients.

    Dwayne S.
  • If you want a lawyer who is going to work hard for you, this is who you want to hire. I would not hesitate to offer him as an option to friends and family alike who needed a lawyer. Highly recommend.

    Tamara L.
  • I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Smith-Johnson is more than professional in the way that he carries himself inside and outside of the courtroom. His knowledge of the law, preparation, and persuasiveness gives him the unique ability to deliver winning arguments in the most challenging cases. Mr. Smith-Johnson provides zealous representation for all his clients and I would be more than comfortable referring anyone his way.

    James Smith